The Action Plan

We need the right people in office to make the necessary changes.

Operation Takeback is an initiative to reclaim congressional seats in districts that President Trump won in 2016 but were lost to Democrats in 2018.

We have identified 31 key congressional battleground districts where we must defeat House members standing in the way of reviving our middle-class. Our goal is to attract, inform, and mobilize Americans to take action in key districts.

It is quite clear that the left leaning agenda is not to provide the best for the American people. The Democrat party agenda is simply to impeach President Trump. We seek to identify and elect those who truly represent the American middle-class and are willing to limit the size of government to allow American ingenuity and exceptionalism and build a prosperous future.

candidate media training

Interested In Running for Office?

TNAP will prepare candidates to effectively compete in the nomination process and general election.

  • Candidates may attend our Operation Takeback Training Academy. Training will be conducted by a handpicked TNAP Team.
  • We will give candidates facts and teach them to defend their positions with knowledge and confidence so they will understand TNAP’s  core issues and how to defend them.
  • We help support candidates with a variety of resources including: media, data and campaign consultants.

Help us revitalize America's middle class.