Addressing middle-class needs requires a holistic and integrated approach. A middle-class political and economic model needs to be built. American Populists will reach each segment of its target audience by utilizing different methods and “product lines” that will help us connect to the right people in the right way.



The New American Populist is taking a business-like approach by employing a go-to-market plan that will use a variety of delivery mechanisms to promote The New American Populist movement. With a focus always on the middle class, we will use methods that are consistent with our mission to create meaningful and lasting change in the following areas.

Tax Reform

Our system of taxation needs to be stable, minimal, and fair.  Every citizen of this country should play by the same rules, and every taxpayer should have more power than the IRS.

We will pursue policies that:

  • Simplify the tax code so most middle-class people won’t need to pay someone to complete their tax return
  • Eliminate privilege granted through special types of exemptions
  • Reduce the overall tax burden on American families
  • Increase the IRS role in customer service and reduce its role in collections

Political Corruption and Ethics

The ruling class of politicians have held themselves to a different set of rules and standards long enough. It’s time we push for real reforms that place the politician in the role of servant leader to the hard-working citizens who pay their salaries and who live with the consequences of their actions and inactions.

We will pursue policies that:

  • Amend our Constitution to create term limits in the U. S. House and Senate
  • Require that all politicians and other high-ranking officials be subject to the same laws as every other American citizen
  • Create clear and enforceable penalties for any form of unethical behavior and personal enrichment while in office
  • Reward public sector employees through merit, not seniority and hold them to the same performance standards found in the private sector
  • Embrace and build upon the Supreme Court’s ruling in Janus and make all federal employment agencies right-to-work


The story of middle-class America can’t be told without our history of legal immigration into this country. We are a nation that remains a beacon to the world, but the people that come here must enter legally and be willing to be governed by our laws.

We will pursue policies that:

  • Secure our border
  • Simplify the process to verify the legal status of all workers before hire by making it easy, accurate, and mandatory
  • Remove economic incentives and rewards for entering our country illegally
  • Shift the emphasis from “chain migration” to “merit-based” migration to incent the best and brightest in moving to America


When we make trade agreements with other nations, there is more to consider than just whether the agreement gets us cheaper “stuff” in the short-term. The long-term impact on middle- and working-class jobs, as well as the impact on American sovereignty and independence, needs to be evaluated. Free trade is good. Fair and reciprocal trade is necessary.

We will pursue policies that:

  • Institute an America-first analysis process to the negotiation and approval of all trade agreements
  • Establish monitoring and demand accountability for foreign trade relationships so we can verify compliance with all negotiated terms
  • Ensure that American companies have reciprocal access to foreign markets and that they are not paying tariffs in excess of what our trading partners pay to us


The answer isn’t to have no regulation in an economy, and it isn’t to have to too much regulation. The right approach is to eliminate regulations that make it too costly to operate and create jobs, while using regulation to reduce large corporate power over American citizens.

We will pursue policies that:

  • Rollback existing regulations and stop the introduction of new ones that create market barriers to entry and cause unnecessary price increases and reduce working & middle-class jobs
  • Advance our use of existing anti-trust laws to reduce the power of large, multi-national corporations, especially those who control technology and media

Fiscal Responsibility

Every working-class American family knows that you can’t spend more than you make, and if you do go into debt, eventually you must pay it back.  Our federal government spends far more than it takes in each year, and the debt we are creating is coming due.

We will pursue policies that:

  • Require a balanced budget in non-war fiscal years
  • Establish milestones and timelines for the reduction of our $22 trillion debt
  • Ensure the stability of the social security system while providing for individual-directed alternatives
  • Create a business-like approach to government management emphasizing performance standards, eliminating programs, and strict budgeting standards

Ending Endless Wars

The middle class foots the bill for US involvement in protracted foreign military conflicts. They pay this bill not only with wasted tax dollars but, more importantly, with the lives of their sons and daughters.

We will pursue policies that:

  • Hold our elected leaders accountable to the public for placing our brave service men and women in harm’s way without clearly identifying the threat to the United States beforehand
  • Force other countries to pay their fair share of military and defense costs
  • Require clearly defined missions and exit plans

Healthcare Reform

While each individual American needs to take responsibility for their own healthy habits & lifestyle, they also must be given an affordable way to choose and provide for their personal and family healthcare… They should not be left at the mercy of big government and big insurance.

We will pursue policies that:

  • ncrease competition among insurers and healthcare providers to lower prices
  • Lower insurance policy costs
  • Increase the portability of individual policies
  • Permit patients to choose their doctors and their treatments
  • Protect people from losing their life’s possessions after a catastrophic medical event

Education Reform

The learning process needs to combine the elements of acquiring general knowledge, personal enrichment, and employment skill development. Each family, each student, needs to be able to have control over this process and to have the cost of the education align with the outcome.

We will pursue policies that:

  • Allow parents to choose the schools that their children attend
  • Increase the power of parents and local school boards while decreasing the power of teachers’ unions and the federal government
  • Embrace the ideas as outlined in the Higher Education Act Reform Principles that reduce cost, develop marketable skills, and alleviate student debt
  • Require free speech and a diversity of ideas be present in every academic setting


When we help those who are truly in need, we have a moral obligation to also help them move from public assistance to their own assistance. Middle-class membership can only be attained with the desire to achieve being coupled with the development of skills.

We will pursue policies that:

  • Help people to help themselves with skills training
  • Build in financial incentives to work and advance so that moving beyond public assistance will be a goal for every recipient
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