White House Adviser Says Democratic Stimulus Bill Is A Non-Starter Because Of ‘$1200 Checks For Illegal Immigrants’

White House Economic adviser Peter Navarro called the House stimulus bill a non-starter and expressed hesitation towards negotiating a different package on Sunday, a sign the Trump administration is sending mixed signals about plunging full steam ahead on new coronavirus stimulus legislation.

Key Facts:

  • When asked about White House support for the $3 trillion stimulus proposal that passed the House on Friday, Navarro demurred, calling it a dead end.  
  • “Nancy Pelosi basically lost me with that package when she has $1200 checks for illegal immigrants,” Peter Navarro said on ABC’s “This Week,” adding it “just goes downhill from there.”
  • Navarro maintained that we should “keep going with the fiscal and monetary policy that we’ve been going through” because we’ve “got a lot coursing through the system right now.” 

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