Walmart To Hire 150 Thousand Workers And Pay $550 Million In Cash Bonuses To Hourly Workers Amid Coronavirus Shopping Surge

Walmart Inc. announced it would hire 150,000 temporary workers and pay special cash bonuses totaling $550 million to its hourly workers in its effort to manage a shopping surge caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Wall Street Journal reported.

American consumers have stocked up on food and other household items in the last few weeks in anticipation of self-isolation and state or city-wide shutdowns, and Walmart stores have struggled to keep their 1.5 million stores stocked while also fulfilling online orders, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

The company said it would pay a $300 cash bonus to full-time hourly workers, a $150 bonus to park-timers, and it would also accelerate first-quarter bonuses on top of hiring 150,000 workers through the end of May in its stores and fulfillment centers. The jobs will be temporary at first but could lead to permanent roles. 

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