'Wake-up call': Secretive CIA report to Obama revealed 2016 Russia hacks

That information was revealed in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s latest report, which focused on the Kremlin's active measures during the 2016 presidential campaign and on the Obama administration’s faltering response to Russian interference and WikiLeaks dumps. 

The 54-page, heavily redacted bipartisan findings stated, “Moscow's history of leaking politically damaging information” and the “increasingly significant publication of illicitly-obtained information” by WikiLeaks were "not sufficient for the administration to take immediate action on the DNC breach.” 

“The administration was not fully engaged until some key intelligence insights were provided by the intelligence community, which shifted how the administration viewed the issue,” the Senate report concluded, noting Obama officials then guarded that secretive late July or early August intelligence as closely as the preparations for the raid on Osama bin Laden. 

Three days after WikiLeaks posted thousands of hacked DNC emails, the FBI announced it was “investigating a cyber intrusion involving the DNC.” 

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