Ted Cruz: Senate Should Subpoena Hunter Biden And The Whistleblower

As impeachment for Christmas heats up in Washington, GOP senators are sending a not so subtle messages to House Democrats about what Pandora’s present they are about to unwrap.

Early Friday, Sen. Lindsey Graham sent official requests to the State Department for documents pertaining to Burisma and its board member Hunter Biden. Later, Sen. Ted Cruz sent out a release promising things are going to go a lot farther than documents.

“I think any proceeding in the Senate should be fair, should be open, and should respect due process. What does that mean?

That means allowing both sides to present their case and if the White House chooses to call as a witness Hunter Biden, if the White House chooses to call as a witness the whistleblower, I think they should be allowed to call them. I think – both of those witnesses in particular may well be integral to the White House’s defense,” Cruz said.

This is rather significant. As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi always feared, Democrats are about to hand over the keys to the impeachment car to Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans, people like Cruz.

They are giving the GOP control of the process without having significantly moved public opinion.

The upshot is that McConnell now has an all you can eat buffet of subpoena and inquiry power.

He can also tie six presidential candidates, two frontrunners, to the Senate up to and even past the Iowa Caucus as they would have to attend the trial.

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