Hannity: Biden is 'Starting To Crack' After Clash With Iowa Voter

Sean Hannity reacted Thursday to former Vice President Joe Biden's run-in with an 83-year-old Iowa voter who brought up the relationship between Biden's son Hunter and a Ukrainian natural gas company.

"How is he even the candidate?" Hannity asked during his opening monologue. "Voters be warned, [if] you asked him about his very real Ukraine scandal he might challenge you to a duel or maybe a push-up contest and call you fat.  

Insult your intelligence. Fly off the handle, lose it. But he definitely won't answer your question. And if the corrupt media mob ever gets their way, he'll never have to answer for his very real abuse of power."

Biden blasted the man as a “damn liar” at an Iowa town hall Thursday -- and indeed challenged him to a push-up contest -- after he accused the 77-year-old Democrat frontrunner of being "too old" and took a swipe at Hunter Biden's role on the board of Burisma Holdings.

Watch the video here:

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