Resettle Refugees in Countries Similar to Their Own Culture, not Tennessee

We have all of these problems in spades in the state, and we need to focus on addressing those for our existing citizens. If we as a nation want to really help on this refugee issue with countries like Congo and Myanmar, and Burma wouldn’t we really be better off trying to resettle them in a country that has more cultural similarities than where they are from?

Because assimilation has been an issue frankly, and I talked to my friends in Minnesota about that. Wouldn’t we be better to find someplace that’s closer where they could be resettled there? Even if we helped financially. A good example would be Thailand,  or the Congo and Myanmar.

Thailand already has refugee camps that are operated by the United Nations. Nobody is saying they need to be put in refugee camps long term. Perhaps we could provide some type of solution or we had some type of working community to transfer them from Thailand into those refugee camps. For us to bring these people here with the issues that we have right now and with the assimilation issues, it’s just a big mistake.

There are other countries out there that I think it makes a lot more sense. We have to decide that’s what we want to do and put the effort in place.

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