National Populist Group Calls on Targeted Members of Congress to Vote Against Impeachment

Jeff Webb of The New American Populist Makes Strong Case

(Washington DC) Jeff Webb, Chairman of The New American Populist, today called on the following members of Congress to vote against any Articles of Impeachment brought against President Trump. 

Congresswoman Kirkpatrick (AZ-2)
Congressman O’Halleran (AZ-1)
Congresswoman Porter (CA-45)
Congressman Harder (CA-10)
Congressman Cox (CA-21)
Congressman Cisneros (CA-39)
Congressman Rouda  (CA-48)
Congressman Levin (CA-49)
Congressman Crow (CO-6)
Congresswoman Murphy (FL-7)
Congresswoman Powell (FL-26)
Congresswoman Shalala (FL-27)
Congressman Crist (FL-13)
Congresswoman McBath (GA-6)
Congresswoman Underwood (IL-14)
Congresswoman Bustos (IL-17)
Congresswoman Finkbinder (IA-1)
Congresswoman Axne (IA-3 )
Congressman Loebsack (IA-2)
Congressman Golden (ME-2)
Congresswoman Slotkin (MI-8)
Congresswoman Stevens (MI-11)
Congresswoman Craig (MN-2 )
Congressman Petersen (MN-7)
Congresswoman Lee (NV-3 )
Congressman Pappas (NH-1)
Congressman Sherrill (NJ-11)
Congressman Van Drew (NJ-2)
Congressman Kim (NJ-3)
Congressman Gottheimer (NJ-5)
Congressman Mailinowski (NJ-7)
Congresswoman Torres-Smalls (NM-2)
Congressman Rose (NY-11)
Congressman Maloney (NY-18)
Congressman Delgado (NY-19)
Congressman Brindise (NY-22)
Congresswoman Horn (OK-5)
Congresswoman Wild (PA-7)
Congressman Cartwright (PA-8)
Congressman Lamb (PA-17)
Congressman Cunningham (SC-1)
Congressman McAdams (UT-4)
Congresswoman Luria (VA-2)
Congresswoman Spanberger (VA-7)
Congressman Schrier (WA-8)
Congressman Kind (WI-3)

“The entire impeachment charade comes down to nothing more than left-wing Members of Congress disagreeing with the President.  If it becomes a “high crime and misdemeanor” just to disagree, then as a country we are in much deeper trouble than anyone knows,” commented Webb.
The New American Populist was formed a year ago to promote the issues of national sovereignty and a return to policies that promote and defend America’s middle class.  It does not act as an agent for either political party.  The organization is led by retired CEO Jeff Webb of Memphis, Tennessee.
“Across America there are literally thousands of issues that need to be addressed.  Whether it is the raid on American industry by foreign nations using unfair trade practices, or the crumbling infrastructure, or the real problem we face in our schools and universities of rank bias being presented as so-called ‘fact’, there is more than enough work for Congress to do to make the lives of the American people better and more secure.  Wasting time and energy on a politically motivated series of vague, unsubstantiated charges is, in our view, a violation of the Congressional Oath of Office,:” Webb continued.
These members have a rare opportunity to actually stand up to the howling special interests and side with the American People by voting NO on the contrived Articles of Impeachment.  What they do now will define them for the rest of their  life; will they be remembered as someone who stood for the rule of law and defense of the institutions of our government; or, will she forever be marked by a frivolous and political gaming-playing stance. The final verdict will be determined by the people of their Congressional Districts,” concluded Webb. 


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