Joe Piscopo Joins American Populists Advisory Board

Joe Piscopo, American comedian, actor, musician, writer, and acclaimed radio talk show host, has joined The New American Populist (American Populists) Advisory Board.  American Populists’s founder Jeff Webb was a guest on his morning show on Monday, August 12th.

Piscopo and Webb talked about the direction of the country, the fact that a recession due to the current trade disputes is unlikely, and President Trump’s efforts in trying to rejuvenate the middle class in America.

Webb also discussed trade deals by previous administrations which have eliminated manufacturing jobs that were traditionally in the US. He referenced his own experience in apparel manufacturing and stated that to be competitive many US companies have been forced to utilize foreign sourcing for manufacturing. He is hopeful that the tide has begun to turn.

Listen to their conversation Jeff Webb on The Joe Piscopo Show.

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