Grassroots Activists Confronting Democrats Get Major Boost From Jeff Webb

Jeff Webb, founder of The American Populist, offered encouragement on Tuesday to the many grassroots activists who have confronted those Democratic members of Congress who are abusing the powers of that institution by backing the baseless impeachment farce.

"The sole purpose of this partisan and divisive rush to impeach President Trump is to reverse the results of the free and fair election of an American president, the first in 30 years to take up the mantle of the middle class. It is a reckless abuse of power by the intolerant and dishonest Democrat leadership of the House of Representatives, aided and abetted by the cowardice of those members of Congress who readily follow the orders handed down to them without questioning the serious damage their actions are doing to the country," Webb said.

"For several months The New American Populist has been in the field focused on the 31 battleground Congressional districts that President Trump won in 2016, and the Democrats took in 2018. It has been a great honor to meet and work with grassroots leaders and organizers to stand against this political atrocity. We started this summer to identify, support, and offer guidance to those willing to stand," Webb continued.

"It is amazing, and awe inspiring, to watch these patriots take the initiative and stand against this ridiculous sham. This is just the beginning. The New American Populist will continue to work with and support these brave Americans in these critical districts as they support this president who has championed the middle class," Webb noted.

"The last time the Democrats controlled the House in 2010 they used the same partisan power play tactics to ram through Obamacare. A decade later, the Democrat majority has done nothing to advance the interest of working Americans. As we face the 2020 elections, the righteous intensity of patriotic Americans will not be stopped at the ballot box or anywhere else. We now see that every member of Congress who votes for impeachment is devoid of both conscience and common sense. Grassroots leader and organizers around the country have been galvanized by this outrageously partisan and time-wasting exercise of tyranny by the temporary majority in the House of Representatives. By their actions, the Democrat leadership has sealed their political fate in November, and grassroots activists around the country will be certain to remind them every day and every way of that reckoning to come," Webb concluded.

Jeff Webb is a Tennessee entrepreneur and founder of Varsity Brands, the nation's leading direct provider of spirit, sports, and team recognition products and services.  Varsity has operations in all 50 states and over 20 foreign countries.

The New American Populist is committed to building a strong consensus in support of our middle class ideas and positions within the American marketplace. 


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