Americans pick up the pieces after cities erupt in violence and destruction

Americans across the country are picking up the pieces after cities erupted in violence and destruction in a seventh straight night of unrest amid boasts and threats from President Donald Trump to send in troops to 'dominate the streets'.

Business owners and residents swept up broken glass and surveyed the damage on Tuesday after looters broke into stores across the US after curfews came into effect across much of the country.  

Protesters set fire to a strip mall in Los Angeles, looted stores in New York City and clashed with police in St Louis, Missouri overnight as demonstrations over the death of George Floyd turned violent. 

As cities around the country witnessed a seventh straight night of both peaceful demonstrations and bursts of theft, vandalism and attacks on police, President Donald Trump amplified his hard-line calls of a day earlier, in which he threatened to send in the military to restore order if governors didn't do it.  

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